How to Walk Your Prayer. Quotes by: Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi

As I walk my prayer as an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer I resonate with the words, the wisdom  and services of Mother Teresa,Mahatma Gandhi and the Dalai Lama. These words written by  the  Dalai Lama , Gandhi and Mother Teresa are the foundation for my services  on earth.

Wisdom From the Dalai Lama

This is my simple religion.
There is no need for temples;no need for
complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own
heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.
In the struggle for freedom, truth is
the only weapon we possess.
Love and compassion are necessities,
not luxuries. Without them, 
humanity cannot survive.
A learned person will become noble only when
he or she has put into real practice what has
been learned, instead of mere words.
Compassion and love are precious things….
they are not complicated. They are simple,
but difficult to practice.
The purpose of a religion is not to build beautiful
churches and temples, but to cultivate positive human
qualities such as tolerance, generosity and love.
Come together and think in terms of one world.
What we call Buddha is warm-heartedness
developed indefinitely-love perfected.
We should think of compassion as being
the preserve of the sacred. It is one of 
our basic human qualities…
From the very core of our being we desire
contentment. For harmony, each individual’s
identity must be respected.
Our planet is our house. We must take care of it
if we are genuinely concerned about happiness
for ourselves, our children, our friends and other
sentient beings who share this great house with us.
The seed for nirvana exists in all of us.

Mahatma Gandhi: