Carmen empowers by showing how to release fears and enter into a new idea of life and love. Carmen is truly the most authentic human spirit walking the earth at this time of elevated consciousness.

I have been so blessed to have Carmen as a friend, and mentor, through her gifts of grace I have grown into my true self with ease.  Carmen’s goal is to allow each person to attain their highest potential free of obstacles by opening the door of possibility.

During one past life regression, I experienced the knowledge I needed to move forward.  Many of our blocks have been brought with us from a past experience, Carmen will take you to where you need to be to heal that part of you.  Carmen guides gently with integrity and always, always ensures that you are safe and protected before during and after any treatments.

My life is fuller and richer because of knowing Carmen and experiencing her gift of healing.  Should you find yourself on the door of Grandmother Carmen, rest assured you are in the hands of an angel. – Joanne Boruck

Carmen is a compassionate, strong and wise guide. Not only does she have the education, experience and expertise to make a difference in the lives of her clients, she acts from a place compassion and belief. I have experienced Carmens ministry privately and in public. She is always focused, present and loving. Thank you Carmen, for your ministry and being a bright light on my life path. I count myself fortunate to know you professionally and personally. – Greg Dickson

I need to go back a couple of years to mine (and my daughter’s) introduction to Grandmother Carmen.

We were Level 2 Reiki  practitioners, and started attending a Reiki Circle of which Grandmother Carmen was a founding member. At the same time, my daughter was planning her wedding, and was looking for that special person to perform the ceremony, and just hadn’t found the right one! While I was attending Reiki Circle one night, the topic of conversation turned to the Grandmothers, and to the upcoming Ordination Ceremony, whereupon Carmen would become Grandmother Carmen, and also would be a member of the clergy … thereupon able to perform wedding ceremonies. I thought there would be no one more perfect to perform my daughter’s ceremony than Grandmother Carmen, but my daughter needed to attend Reiki Circle, and see if she also felt the same way. I was so excited for her when she experienced the same feeling that Grandmother Carmen would the the absolutely most perfect person to help her and her man exchange their vows. We were thrilled with all that Grandmother Carmen did to help make her day extra special.

We have also recommended other of Grandmother Carmen’s services to friends and family members, and they have been more than happy with the service they have received, as well as the results they have gotten. Thank-you SO much for all that you are and all that you do Grandmother Carmen! – Vernita

Learning and working with the healing art of Reiki has been one of the most beautiful and important gifts in my life.  I have been so blessed to walk this journey with many amazing women!  One of those beautiful women is Grandmother Carmen…she has been truly supportive, a mentor and a friend in this journey we walk together….and she continues to inspire each one of us that comes into her life, thank you Carmen!

Carmen! Thank you so much. I feel so much lighter and focused on my desire to heal my relationships. I want you to know that you have been a huge influence in my life and your unconditional acceptance, support, and belief in me  have helped me grow and let go of old patterns and pain. The way you radiate light and love is an inspiration to me! – Love, Candace

Grandmother Carmen, Thank you for being a true blessing to me and my family. I honor the unconditional love and light that you have shared with us during our challenging times. You have helped us continue on our journey of love, peace, harmony and wholeness. In Gratitude and Love Lynda Baker

Grandmother Carmen is a wise, gentle, intuitive guide who came into my life in perfect timing.  Her unwavering integrity, ability to make absolutely anyone feel comfortable, and her ready, warm smile are only a handful of the many gifts that she exudes effortlessly.  She guided and encouraged me at a time in my life when most I needed it, and because of Grandmother Carmen, I have walked the planet with more confidence, and am sharing my gifts with more and more people.  I consider myself so blessed to know her.  Sincerely,  - J. Waymatea Ellis