How Grandmother Carmen Serves

I, Grandmother Carmen am an Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer. I am a holistic practitioner and healer who works with  all walks of life. I believe we are all one and with the help of our Mother/Father God, Creator we are here to serve and to make this a better world for all and for the generations to come.

I have been trained in cross cultural and spiritual practices, indigenous and earth based ways of prayer. All services and ceremonies are conducted according to an individual’s belief system, not limited to any one religious doctrine.

I, Grandmother Carmen use  affirmative prayer and healing techniques  to help in the healing process of the body, mind and spirit. My purpose is to serve each and everyone who comes to me with  compassion and love to guide  them on their earthly journey to find their spiritual truth .I believe each and everyone of us is on own journey, which is not to be judges or criticized in any way. As we clear our own shadows we bring light and a higher consciousness  to ourselves and our  Mother Earth and all upon her.

Techniques used may  include: inner child work, past life regressions, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, illness, trauma, pain, relationships and family concerns etc….