Split Apart / Soul Retrieval

What is a Split Apart?

Almost every victim picture has a split apart. A split occurs when a person has encountered a trauma. Example, a death, divorce, accident, severe illness, abuse, abandonment …

You may have a split apart if you feel:

  • In shock
  • Feels numb, apathetic, deadened
  • Gaps in memory
  • Chronic depression
  • Physical illness, problems with immune system or resistance to illness
  • Coma- extreme example
  • Chronically ill as a child
  • Struggle with addiction, drugs, food, sex, gambling
  • Looking for external things to fill internal void or emptiness
  • Difficult moving on with life after a divorce or a death
  • Suffers from multiple personality syndromes.

Using very powerful, yet gentle techniques I, Grandmother Carmen, will help the individual to reconnect with their lost soul pieces  so  one feels a sense  of  wholeness .