Rose Reading

A rose or a flower reading is a drawing that represents the person’s energy if that person looked like a flower. (Draw on an energy level.) Each part of the drawing represents a portion of that person’s life. The line across the page represents the earth line.

Flower head: is a reflection of what is going on in general with the person at this time. The colors shape and placement of colors has a significant message for the person.

Stem: The stem indicates how solid, strong, or how grounded the person is in this life time. The size, shape and width of the stem and if the stem is straight, bumpy or twisted tells a story about the person’s life journey.

Roots: The roots represent how new or old their soul is. How many past lives the person has had and how solidly are they entrenched in the earth.

Leaves: The leaves off the stem represent how many children / babies are contracted to them. Leaves on the right usually indicate a male or someone running a lot of male energy. Leaves on the left usually indicate a female or a person running a lot of feminine energy. These children could be biological or could be children that are very important to them that they may be mentoring. The color, size and location of the leaf also tell a bit about that child. If the person is a female the roots are normally attacked to the stem but if they are a male they seem to be on the earth’s surface.

Circles or Black spots: The circles around the stem or darker black or gray energy normally represent the karmas or past lives affecting this life time or unresolved issues the person is trying to heal at this time or what lessons are coming forth from the past life for them to address and heal.

Energies: Energy coming towards the flower usually represents angels, spirits or guides if they are high on the page. Energies in the middle of the page are spirits who have passed over and those energies touching the earth line are people alive whom are affecting them now.

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